Monday, September 17, 2012

Updates on My Sporting Condition & Boston Marathon 2012

I have decided to run in the Berlin Marathon on 30 September. This is a world-class full marathon, where the world-record was set before. This course is pancake-flat, punctuated with key landmarks of this city with a rich history. Many attempt their Boston Qualifying (BQ) timings to qualify for the oldest marathon in the world. Expect a wide and deep field of marathoners who edge around 3 hours and less.

I am healing well from my stress fracture of my left metatarsal. There is no tenderness to the touch. I can put my weight on one foot when I go on tip-toe. Because of my heavy work travel in recent weeks, I can only get my sports-doctor’s review after the race.

My strategy for the race is: COMPLETE THE RACE COMFORTABLY, AND EARN MY MEDAL AND T-SHIRT. I will endeavour to enjoy the race with my friends, a team comprising military-officers (in the reserves). Chances for a PB is bleak, although if I pace well enough, I might hover around a decent 4 hours. I crossed the line in 2010 in the rainy and cold conditions in 3:37 (a far cry from my sub-3:30 race in 2011). If I can run well with minimal running (but with a strong base of core strengthening, swimming and cycling), I should be quite pleased with myself. Focus and resolve will be my values I will engage on my quest for 42.195K excellence. Toes crossed for mild weather. It should be an engaging and entertaining run.

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