Friday, September 7, 2012

Drawing Inspiration Around Us

I have been watching snippets of the London Paralympic Games 2012 on television. I have been amazed and inspired by the depth of competition, and extent of competencies demonstrated by the athletes.

There are numerous categories for some sports. Each athlete works around his/her disability. The physically-challenged athletes are not handicapped, especially when they perform as well as able-bodied ones. Some have limited use of their limbs, whereas others rely on their sense of touch and sound. I have, initially, watched the Games wondering which are their disadvantaged. After a while, I stopped guessing and started enjoying the drama of athletic competition. These Games are some of the major highlights of human abilities and capabilities.

I am smitten by their raised sense of consciousness, heightened sense of competition, and enhanced hunger to be their best. These Games are not about physical disability, but rather about sports spread over a larger canvas of human possibility. Every effort counts. Their results reflect on our dreams, hopes and aspirations. We can share in their joy, jubilations, frustrations and disappointments. We share in their emotions and engagements. Thank you athletes for helping us raise our personal bars of ‘higher, stronger and faster’.

Leadership Lessons: How do you gain your inspiration? What are you most inspired by? How do you engage with your own inspiration? How do others draw upon you for their inspiration?

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