Sunday, September 16, 2012

10 Ways To Writing Reports That Matter

Report writing appears to be an unpopular, but necessary form of documentation. Yet, it provides a recorded platform for evidence of tasks completed, achievements and the meetings of goals/KPIs. Reports are also used to document events, as well as salient points emerging from the activities associated with it. In practice the more you write and the more specific feedback you earn from it, the more improved you will be as a reporter.

If you have difficulty writing reports, how can you enhance your skills and confidence?

1)    Write about segments of a television program you have watched.
2)    Write a brief film review (100 words or less).
3)    Update your blog.
4)    Report on a sporting activity you have either participated in, or was a spectator to.
5)    Summarise the essence of an office meeting. Keep this to yourself.
6)    Report on the minutes of a meeting. (Sounds brutal, yet it is not if you know it comprises three salient components only).
7)    Read race/sports reports.
8)    Read about travel reports. It can be similar in style to that of The Lonely Planet.
9)    Glean from writers on Facebook and related social media. (I get inspiration from my friends who write well, or report on amusing matters).
10) Appreciate the structure and processes behind writing formal reports. Identify the content required for the Beginning, Middle and End.

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