Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Teams Dynamics Matter In Talent Shows

The recent addition of female performers, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears was a wise decision for TV talent show ‘The X-Factor USA (Season 2)’. The younger, feminine energy of established recording and performing artistes balanced the mature, producers in the form of L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell. Each of the panel of four judges has their own credibility, based on their respective capability, interests and capacity found in their own competencies. Judging on a talent show is fairly new to both lady judges. L.A. Reid draws upon his experience from his recent, and first season of X-Factor USA, and Simon Cowell is the most experienced as he created this show, and heads the team of judges. He is also the blunt, barefaced, critic notorious in ‘The American Idol’ which he led since its inception; he left the series in the last season.

Team dynamics is about the energies of team members during their interactions with each other. In most cases, this will involve some degree of conflict due to professional and personal disagreement. The dramas are part of the allure of television reality series. That is why the adventure reality-series, ‘Survivor’ is into its 25th installment (in The Philippines). Audiences enjoy the tensions ad turmoil fraught of dramas so that they may engage their own informed conclusions about each character and personality of the contestants. Drama, leaks, gossip, rumours, tension, shenanigans and scandals attract viewership, and are part of the measure of success. Boredom leads to poor ratings and the cancellation of shows. Simon Cowell was quoted in Wikipedia as saying: 'The new panel will be dynamic and will work really well with the changes...'

Furthermore, this series will draw upon the endurance of each judge, as it is a long-drawn process that includes critique, selection, mentoring and more selection. Decision-making will move from team to individual to audience. Each judge will be placed on a slide, to be examined under a microscope of scrutiny.

Leadership Lessons: How well do you work with/in teams? How do you manage and lead other people’s teams? How do you integrate and interact within a team? What is your biggest challenge when working in a team, and how do you attend to it?

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