Thursday, September 27, 2012

In-Transit & Transitions

I am now on a 6-hour transit in the airport. Thankfully, frequent-flyer status on Star Alliance has allowed me access to the lounge. This proves useful as I can do some work, while lounging around with free, wireless access. I have two more flights from London to Dusseldorf, then to Berlin for this weekend's Big Dance.
While here, I met a running-buddy team: Both from Hawaii, and enroute to a marathon in Portugal. Kamika Smith is a 150-marathoner finisher having done the 50-States and 100-States races! His friend Lisa Ledesma is a first-time Ironman finisher (Louisville, Kentucky - a hot and rolling race) and serial marathoner (35 and counting). We recognised each other by our finisher backpacks. We exchanged notes about racing, nutrition, and the races we had done. Of course, we would track our races through Facebook. I received a couple of race-related correspondence as well as well wishes on this social network this morning. Thank you, friends and I believe that my foot is holding up well.
How we spend our time is our prerogative and priority. We can waste or while it away, doing the mundane and meaningless. Yet we can create many experiences of worth, while respecting somebody's sense of time and territory. Transitions are shifts in time, not just punctuations in our time-lines. Make your moves and be aware of your movements, as you place and displace yourself through your travels ands travails in your life.

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