Saturday, November 19, 2011

Your Accomplishment Is Your Achievement

All the best to the runners doing the Penang Bridge International Marathon tomorrow morning! Congratulations to those who completed the Oxfam Trailwalker Hong Kong, too! More importantly, thanks to the latter they raised funds for a worthy cause.

Amateur sports can be competitive, however it need not be unduly serious. Most of the time, participants train seriously for their races aiming to complete or compete. It does not make a finisher any less worthy when they choose to aim for a completion certificate, finisher medal, and post-achievement jubilation. If you make time from your routine to train, you have demonstrated your personal leadership for being ready, able and willing!

My friend, Marathon Mohan has completed in excess of 130 marathons; completing them is a foregone conclusion. Instead, he elects to be the unofficial Cheerleader – encouraging new runners to complete their first race. Another friend, Ai Lin has done about 80 marathons over the years and continues to race for the sheer joy of it. Others race because they wish to raise funds for a charity cause. Yet, others participate to show their personal support for something they truly believe in, be it for cancer research, health or for survivors.

Last week, my swim-mate Dennis and many others raced and raised funds for the Wheelathon 360. The goal was to raise funds for physically-challenged athletes to participate in overseas competition. In spite of the rain, it was a successful event that saw a very supportive community.

I have decided to assist the Cystic Fibrosis for Children of New Zealand raise funds again for Ironman New Zealand 2012. Why? Because I enjoyed the last time I engaged in this process. Fund-raisers were invited to meet the children and their parents, and celebrate in their progress. Exercise was a key intervention for keeping these children active and alive.

To each his/her own – and may you still enjoy your sense of purpose!

Leadership Lessons: Run, walk or crawl – just finish what you started. You can, occasionally, race by feeling instead of timing. Enhance and expand on your experience.

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