Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ten Trends in Endurance Sports

Although biathlons, aquathlons (swim and run) and running races are relatively affordable, triathlons are not for the meek of pocket. The initial outlay that stresses one’s finances is, probably, due to the purchase of a good road-bike or triathlon bike. One can be creative with the use of sports supplements, sourcing inexpensive or homemade alternatives. Running and cycling shoes can be stretched beyond their recommended retail shelf-life. Race-fees have risen through the years due to the commercial viability of key events. The good news is that new event companies are promoting their versions of tougher and more exclusive races; terrains and use of existing infrastructure are configured into the course design.

1)    Seeking the counsel of physiotherapists, chiropractors and alternative medicine specialists to recover from sports-related injury.
2)    Strengthening the core muscles through additional sessions of yoga, core-stability work, and Pilates.
3)    Seeking the expertise of 1-on-1 coaches or attending group clinics for swimming, riding and running.
4)    Enlisting the help of online coaches to design personalized programs.
5)    Facebook-based, Q&A from seasoned athletes.
6)    Getting your bike fitted (to your body) by a professional.
7)    Sold-out, overseas races. The M-Dot series sell within hours certain key Ironman triathlons.
8)    Minimalist shoes and barefoot running are growing in popularity.
9)    Ultra-marathons, adventure races and days-long-trail running expeditions are attracting a wider audience.
10) The increasing number of new runners using compression-wear during training and at races.

With such major movements within the Endurance Movement, it is no wonder that confusion prevails with neophytes. Costs can escalate if we are misguided or uneducated about the reasons for such interventions. Peer pressure to participate can be an expensive proposition. Pace yourself to one race per month, so that your body recovers between races. It also allows you to tweak your pre-race training sessions. Pick your A-race poison!

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