Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Bags Are Packed & I’m Ready To Go

Packing for a race can be anxiety-causing if you go about it carelessly. Forgotten items may be hard to secure even at a race-fair. Plus, it can upset your equilibrium for the event.

Prior to your next overseas Ironman or 70.3 race, here are some packing considerations:
1) Get a ‘what-to-bring’ list drawn up first. Source it from seasoned competitors if this is your maiden race.
2) Place your race-kit aside (racing attire, helmet, race-belt, shoes, flip-flops, heart-rate monitor, speedometer, Bento-box, sunshades, wetsuit, Ziploc bags, body-lubricant, spare water-bottle, and plastic carrier bags for gaining entry into your wetsuit). Note: Lay out your race-kit and nutritional aids according to the three bags (S, B & R) so as not to leave anything important out.
3) Check the condition of your race-kit for potential wardrobe malfunction, or mechanical malfunction (stuck zippers, tears in the fabric).
4) Bring extra socks, running-shoes, energy gels, energy-bars, goggles (one dark/one clear), and salt-tablets.
5) Pack your bike into the bike-case at least two days in advance (dismantle/loosen cockpit, saddle/seat-post, and pedals) in case you face mechanical difficulties like stuck pedals. Ensure that you have adequate bubble-wrap that you can purchase from your local bike-shop. Better still get your bike-mechanic to pack it properly into your bike-case. 
6) Nutritional package for your ‘Special Needs’ bag (Bring Your Own stuff that you trained with; fresh solid/comfort food can be purchased from the nearby supermarket near your race accommodation). There is one bag each for the Ride and Run.
7) Prepare both wet-weather/cold-day attire (arm-warmers) and additional nutritional support (your raised metabolism from shivering, will require more calories).
8) Pack your tools in the bike-case (Allan-keys, spare-tubes/tyres, duct-tape/masking tape, foldable scissors, and old water-bottles to discard at aid-stations). If you use tubular tyres, then pack used and flexible ones as race-spares (easier to dress on your rims during a flat).
9) Re-check your list (see if you left out anything).
10) Buy your CO2 canisters at the race-fair (anything else like duct-tape, international socket, bring from home). Bring enough money for the pre-race and post-race merchandise shopping. If you are an iPod person, bring your digital music along on race morning.
Packing can be a stressful process. By doing it early, you can determine if anything is faulty or missing. You still have time to borrow or purchase the items. Once you travel, you want to minimize your pre-race stress levels to a manageable level. Race with assurance and presence of mind!

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