Saturday, November 5, 2011

Primed for Results

3X3 equals a formula for Ironman triathlon training. Three is a prime number, an odd number divisible only with itself. Do each of the three disciplines up to three times per week, and you should reap the maximum results from it.

The times per week, spent training all adds up depending on how long your sessions are. Again, quality prevails over quantity.

So far my thrice-weekly sessions for running has yielded very good results. I just need to amplify the longest runs, going beyond my preferred 21K at tempo or race pace. Andrew Ngo has suggested a tweak to my interval training workouts so I can establish a reliable competitive pace for the marathon on 4 December. This will be my first A-race for the season before my assault for my 12th Ironman finisher title.

All I need to do over the next 16 weeks is to ensure I swim and ride three times per week. Any more sessions will only deplete my reserves and reduce my chances for a full recovery. 9 sessions of 1-2 hours spell 9-18 hours of total training time. If you want to excel in your sport, you will have to do the time. Now, you can also adjust the equation by replacing one workout for a strong discipline with a weaker one. Let us say that your swim is weak, replace one run workout for it. You can still run, however you may do that as part of swim-run brick, or ride-run brick. Each discipline complements the others, working the entire body for a synergistic approach to fitness. One-sport exclusive, can train the body to become overly strong in specific muscle groups; it can in turn lead to muscular imbalances and potential injuries.

Lest we be too rigid, you can replace one or two training sessions with rest and recovery, an easier day, or some other activities. Keep your schedule flexible and work on your flexibility.

Leadership Lessons: What is your take on trios? How often do you apply the Power of 3 into your profession? How do you apply ‘threes’ into creating a balanced lifestyle? What are your Triple Threats: your top three competencies?
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