Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My New Sponsors

In the past week, I have been fortunate to be in pleasant discussions with sponsors for my upcoming races, including my participation in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii on 12 October.

One of my sponsors will attend to my running needs with training and racing shoes; certainly I will be exclusive in my commitment to their brand/designs. The other sponsor will offer me music devices to train and be motivated with. I am excited about the latter as a three-time Ironman world champion is currently representing them. I am honoured to belong to a privileged position. So far, my initial discussions have yielded positive intentions and a flexibility of approach. I attribute this to my fervent supporters in the multi-sport endurance community, professional athletes, other sponsored athletes, and friends. I am so fortunate and surprised by this generous gesture of optimism, faith and collaboration.

I admit I have been passive about sponsorships. After all, I have self-funded all 15 of my previous Ironman triathlons all over Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the USA. Some of my more successful compatriots have earned major sponsorships through their competitive achievements. They have pledge their case, backed it by their strong and consistent performance, so they deserve their sponsorship and sponsors.

Certainly, the sponsored athlete has to make certain reciprocations with their time. They may make public or private appearances, share their experiences with fans and the sporting community, and perform well in key races. Otherwise, the least they can do is represent themselves well as leaders and ambassadors of the sport/brand, and 'sneeze' their opinions and recommendations to the universe of social media. They rouse the tribes, hopefully, into supporting a sponsored event by participating, supporting a charity, or making a purchase of the sponsors' product line. Sponsorship is about initiating the Law of Reciprocity, and Social Evidence. It is about engagements and conversations with the Tribes.

I will update more as I inked the deal, and tattoo their brands on my 'presence'.

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