Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boston Strong & Kona-Bound

For long-distance triathletes, going to Kona to do the Ironman World Championships may be a dream. For elite age-groupers, this prestigious honour can be earned with a podium placing (or a roll-down slot). For others, it may be through the General Lottery and Legacy Lottery (more than 12 Ironman finishers to qualify). The Everyday Person gets a chance to race the Big Dance on the Big Island, alongside their favourite professional athletes.
26,839 runners were registered for the 2013 edition.
Now that I am closer to doing the Boston Marathon, the holy grail of a 116-year-old marathon seems less elusive. Most times, we have to work (hard) for what we desire most. Thanks to Dr Kua Harn Wei for sending me these photos that describe the collective spirit of endurance runners. In the face of tragedy, the true faces of the human spirit rise to greet us. Already, a few fellow runners told me of their desire to race there next year. No self-serving act of destruction can disrupt, distract or destroy an iconic event that continues to celebrate the human spirit of personal excellence.
Entrants who completed at least half the course and did not finish due to the bombings are to get automatic entry in 2014.
I am grateful to those who honour the event, its runners and its continued presence. I will aim to remember those who paved the way for our entry. I hope to join many runners at the start-line of the third Sunday of April 2014.

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