Monday, July 22, 2013

Garnering Support And Its Evidence

Readership of a blog may suggest its following. A larger number of 'hits' or 'visitors' may infer that the medium attracts 'eyeball' investment. Representing one's flag, community, club or cause denotes support, and carrying oneself as a face (within a crowd) whilst at the forefront.

Even on Facebook, a company's FB page is either attractive enough to be read and monitored by its 'tribes' or abandoned. Social media can be fickle and impatient, and much can be done to initiate a 'conversation' with the masses, through feedback, input, suggestions and social exchanges. The Law of Reciprocity operates, even with passive media for its followers function and interact round-the-clock. Close monitoring ensures ideas are shared, considered or responded to.

An athlete - be it amateur or professional - may attract support through his/her sponsors. Sponsorship reflects on the strength of a relationship. It also measures the values of loyalty, trust, and recognition. Continued sponsorship indicates the value each places on the relationship, and goes beyond the transaction and commerce. When athletes behave badly, sponsors may rescind on their commitment, by pulling out of the sponsorship. You cannot leverage on bad behavior, poor role-models, and contradictions. Brands can be ruined by this partnership and collaboration, for each partner draws on one another on their leverage points.

Content is king! Raise the bar of excellence and engage in conversations of worth. Value each relationship with respect, recognition and reassurance. Building rapport is key to continued loyalty and following. Companies and individuals can lead the way towards a sense of common purpose, rallying hearts, heads and hands.

Leadership Lessons: How you behave as a leader reflects how worthy you are to a potential sponsor or supporter? People followings are based on an alignment of beliefs, values and behaviors. What are you doing to create support and supportive fans, fellowship and follower-ship?

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