Saturday, July 13, 2013

Drawing Inspirations From Others

Thank you, friends and supporters for your kind words over my personal best (PB) time for my marathon last Sunday on the Gold Coast. It has been a culmination of two years of preparation, and a past year of athletic disappointments. I feel very fortunate to set my second Boston Qualifying (BQ) time in two years; my first being a 3:29:59 at the Hong Kong Marathon in 2011. I sliced about eight minutes off, for a 3:16:49 timing. I hope to do a sub-3:10 at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December. This will depend on how my body holds up at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in Kona on12 October.
I draw inspiration for running through other runners. I am not a fan of running. On fact, I find it to be mentally harder than riding or swimming. I enjoy running competitively, for I do my best by being inspired by others. I was surrounded by many good and excellent runners throughout Sunday. I latched on them as my motivators, absorbing their energies as mine. With over-5,000 pacers around me, how could I go wrong?

Uncle Kor Hong Fatt was the fastest male runner in the 80-84 years category - he had a smashing finishing time even younger runners would envy. We congratulate this Boston Marathon finisher for his latest accomplishment. He encourages us, through his passion and enthusiasm for running. I would be stoked to be able to run marathons when I am 81-years-old!
Dr Mok YIng Ren continues to inspire local runners for being our fastest male marathoner. He is working very hard towards achieving his goal of representing Singapore in the Rio Games 2016. He recently earned a new personal best time, and is just two minutes off from establishing his own national record. We wish this affable and amiable role model, continued success in his sporting endeavours. 

Leadership Lessons: Who inspires you? How do you respond to excellent people around you? How do you draw inspirations from others?

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