Monday, July 29, 2013

Let Us Not Get Caught Up In Titles

The revised versions of standard dictionaries tend to include new words. Additions are made when nouns become verbs. Consider words like google, xerox and texting, were once processes or applications, and now part of our daily lexicon of use. Applications (now 'apps') become the method of digital communication in a world comprising smart-phones. In a time when face-to-face conversations are reduced, on-screen personalities and characters matter just as much. 

Likewise, professions have evolved by way of titles like 'educationist' and 'sanitation engineer';  and, 'consultant' and 'manager' have become standard titles for the corporate world. On Social Media 2.0, your onscreen appearance and moniker are your part of your brand qualities and attributes. Both expression and impression matter, when you project your online brand across the digital landscape.

Titles, unless bestowed upon by honour or recognition, mean little. Most importantly is, how do you live up to your title? If it boosts your self-esteem or boasts your ego, use it. If you are a manager, manage as best as you can. If you considered a 'boss', stop being 'bossy'. If you are a leader, learn to lead fairly and with competence. Address your weaknesses, incompetencies, and shortcomings. Unattended to, these will leak through our persona and reputation. We can only pull the wool over other people's eyes for so long. A wold in sheep's clothing, is still a wolf. Some wolves' have barks larger than their bites.

Review your biography and resume - how much of it is actual, perceived and embellished? We can share our dreams, intentions and inspirations - yet we need to be mindful that we are true to ourselves and to others. Let not the hype of titles detract and distract us from our purpose and performance. Aim to build relevance to your titles. Live up to your true calling. Achieve your potential.

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