Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let the Servants Audit Their Criteria of Leadership

Leader should be about appointing, not disappointing.

In recent years, corporate leadership has failed us and delivered us into deep black holes. To translate the books 'From Good to Great' and 'From Good to Gone' into contemporary use, leadership has been shameful and shamed us. As visionaries and moral compasses, leaders have, consistently, let us down. Instead of giving us clarity, a sense of certainty, and hopefulness for the future, leaders have been misleading us along other 'garden paths'.

We need to audit our leaders' values. No MBA programs can do that, exclusively. Lead by example. Lead with consistency. Lead with your head, heart and hands. Lead as a servant to your staff. Stop promoting the 'cause of the boss'. Bosses are bossy and boss others around! As we were taught family and social values, we have conveniently replaced them with others that reduced our overall value as people. We have replaced ambition for greed, and optimism for pessimism. Leaders have failed us on delivering values that truly matter, the rest are theatrical embellishments and showpieces of grandeur and grandiosity. Large is not necessarily better; what with complexity and confusion of means/ends. Small may be manageable and assuring for its simplicity.

I await the day when leaders review their values, and deliver us from all trepidation, trials and tribulations. Lead gracefully, not disgracefully.

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