Sunday, December 9, 2012

Congratulations Ironman Finishers (IMWA 2012)!

120 Singaporeans participated in Ironman Western Australia today. As I write this, there is about two more hours before the midnight deadline. Congratulations go out to early finishers including Triathlon Family buddies including Teo Hui Koon, Robert Chan, Tan Sin Guan, John Cooke, Apple and Han Low. Team Animiles's Lieu returned another sub-11:00 hours, a bar he has not exceeded since his foray into Ironman. First-timer Han Low cracked the 11:30 limit with a 11:27 finish - a fast time for the 45-49 age grouper. Perth-based Kevin Siah narrowly missed his PB by one minute, and returned with a blistering 10:15.

I recall my first time through the finishing-chute of Busselton: it was an amazing experience to return before sundown, where the daylight saving extended sunshine till 9.00pm. It gets chilly after 6.00pm, yet it warms your cockles to see so many Busseltonites and family members support the event. It is almost a cliche to say that 'The pain is temporary, but the memories are endless', yet this is what each Ironman triathlon is all about. It is etched in one's long-term memory as a marvelous milestone. 226K of personal suffering and public support buoys one's confidence and self-esteem for a long time.

It is a great event to express one's recognition of others. Celebration is about the sharing of joy and jubilation. Today, we celebrate the personal achievements of all finishers and those who attempted. There is no failure in making the attempt to race, as are the many tough months of training invested. Congratulations, Ironman finishers! You put many smiles on my face today.

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