Monday, December 24, 2012

Challenge Yourself, Hard!

Challenges are a way of bringing out the best and worst in us. When issued a challenge, we can approach it, or walk away from it, especially if it is confrontational. 

A personal challenge is a different proposition. It is one that is self-directed, self-motivated, and personal. It draws upon one's courage and resourcefulness. Challenges can be based on your profession and career, and it can be personal, like completing a physical challenge, attaining personal mastery (learn a new language, play a musical instrument) or earning entry into a club, society or qualification.

The biggest challenge to challenges are measuring it, before and after. As you assess the challenge as part of or decision-making process, ask yourself: What is the value of this challenge? How would I benefit by doing this? What happens if I do not attain the results I seek? What else can I learn from this process?

My friends in the endurance sports community challenge themselves regularly by showing up for training (early-hours), racing, and attaining new personal bests. Outside of their athletic achievements, they excel in their vocation, advocation and recreation.

Challenges provide us with direction, focus, perspective, motivation, sense of quality and excellence. Raise your standards and raise the bar of excelling.

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