Friday, December 21, 2012

Less Is More, Even With Information

We were raised to believe that more is better than less, especially when education, culture, skills and knowledge are concerned. However, the reality could not be further from the truth.

With the avalanche of new information, research results, scientific evidence and advice from credible (this includes celebrities) sources, do we get more informed or confused. Interestingly, most people get confused with more information than less. Plus, our reliance on credibility of information may be misdirected by our choice of who we perceive and believe to be credible sources: the said, experts, authority, academics, scientific proof and anecdotal evidence (and testimonials).

So, who do we trust matters? Which sources we seek is also important. Our mindsets and attitudes towards people and things also factor into our actions and opinions. Think of your favourite things? How did you arrive at your informed buying choices?

Influential people do help us formulate our thinking. Who we trust can influence our thinking, and thus, our actions. Ignorance may be bliss, yet being over-educated places us in a place of limited potential. Do you think an academic is more broad-minded or less? Who are the most accommodating with regards to information, education and learning?

Having said all this: forewarned is forearmed. When all is said an done, being widely and well-read (and engaging in conversations and dialogue, thereafter) becomes our means of making balanced decisions.

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