Monday, December 17, 2012

Go Slow To Go Faster, and Fresher

I have, over the last two months, been focused on training within my aerobic zone. My aerobic-zone limit is (180-age) 133, with a possible 5 more beats when I am injury-free and illness-free. The last two weeks after my last marathon has yielded the following observations:
1) I am less fatigued, between and after workouts.
2) I can train twice a day, without sleeping between.
3) I sleep better, with less disruptive sleep.
4) I can last longer on my rides and runs, without having to resort to elaborate re-fuelling.
5) My swim fitness is improving, with better body posture and endurance.
6) I have the choice of resting on any day, when my body intuitively 'tells' me. 
7) Theoretically, I can train with a larger mileage and volume of training. 
8) My recovery is much improved, which is useful as I approach the weeks with a larger work volume.
I am looking forward to the next two weeks. I can indulge in the year-end festivities with more gusto and enthusiasm. I am enjoying my longer sessions on my indoor-rides and swims. Will keep you posted!

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