Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Is About Modifying Mindsets

The mindset for each discipline is unique. For those coming from their preferred sports, there is always a sense of deeper appreciation for it. Swimmers regale about many lost childhood time spent doing drills in the pool, or racing for their schools. Likewise, runners who spend time on the track, or on the trials while away their time making the distance.

If we spend too much time on one sport discipline, you may spend too little time on another. You can develop an aversion over a sport that you do not excel in.

What annoys me mildly are incumbent long-distance athletes who claim that certain Ironman races are easier. There is no easier race. Every race is hard. In Macca’s semi-biography, he wrote that the only mantra he leaves by is: ‘Embrace the suck!’ There will come a point in the race when it sucks big time, especially when you are fatigued, bonk real badly, hurt, or start doubting yourself.

All the best Team Ironman Regensberg, comprising Singaporeans Matthew Wong, Conrad Yeo, Clifford Lee, and Angeline.

All the best to the long-distance triathlon team Singapore headed for the highly challenging Norseman. To date, no Singaporean has, successfully, completed it in the allocated time. Perhaps, Don Ng and Tee Boon Teong will emerge victorious in their personal quests.

Leadership Lessons: How do you adjust to changes? How do make subtle shifts to your schedules when things pop up?

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