Monday, May 16, 2011

Steady – One Thing At A Time

A lot can happen at the last moment. Crises and exigencies can surprise us like digital ambushes from cookies and pop-up screens. It is not these startling events that tend to throw us off kilter, but rather how we respond to these challenges and distractions. Think about coping mechanisms: to adapt, to adopt, and be adept.

Focus is best activated, for one thing at a time. Those who claim to be multi-tasked alone, fail to appreciate the notion of being multi-skilled. As a manager, you can delegate if you have too many tasks that restrict your movement. Delegate the task to those who need the challenge, so that you can focus on the bigger issues. However, delegate those with some degree of competency and are motivated by such offerings. Never delegate because you are lazy and de-motivated!

To remind me of my state of equilibrium and balance, I stand one foot (stork-like) and then close my eyes. This immediately activates my sense of physical and mental balance. When you deprive yourself of vision, it allows you to consider your strengths and weaknesses.

With swimming, you focus on one thing at a time: buoyancy, glide, hip rotation, sighting, breathing, kicking, and more. However, each element extends your potential in the water: faster, smoother and safer.

Leadership Lessons: How do you manage last-minute requests? How do you shift your priorities? How do you regain your equilibrium when you are thrown off course?

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