Friday, May 20, 2011

Diary of Lanzarote (Part Tres)

It is about 17 hours till race time. I did my final spin on a few slopes behind my domicile. Bike check-in wil be at 3-6pm local time. All my race bags are packed, and I have yet to affix my stickers to the bike. My compact crank, transplanted from my Orbea Vitesse feels comfortable on my Elite Razor tri-bike. A custom-made and fitted be feels tremendously different from my other bike, which was thrashed last year when I was hit by a taxi. The driver rear-ended me and I was fortunate to be alive!

Anyway, today is an easy day and Coach insists on me staying off my feet as much as I can. Tomorrow is a good day to climb the one-loop Lanzarote bike route. The looming, gloomy clouds do little to dampen our competitive spirits. It is all or nothing - no turning back since we are here.

John Cooke looks strong and stoked. He completed his rehearsal of the three disciplines, albeit in small doses. His friend, Gaye who has completed Kona thrice looks calm and ready. The mindset of a multiple-podium earner is vastly different from first-timers and even those attempting their first dozen. They spent more time than enthusiastic age-groupers looking forward to their finishing line, medal and tee-shirt. Eye of the storm.

Thank you well wishers! I will do my best.
Thanks for reading. Time to get ready!

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