Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Day Blogger Took A Jog

The news is confirmed: Ironman China has been cancelled and the organisers are making amends. Affected participants have been offered complimentary slots for other 70.3 and Ironman races in Europe and the USA. Some have responded to this move with positivism; others are still upset, and a few Kona expectations have been compromised.

I found it frustrating when my blog post on Friday vanished! Apparently, Google had issues with its free and popular blog application, Blogger. I integrated a new widget for Facebook videos, however this seems to be activated. Thankfully, it was as I found that the filtration process did not meet my needs. I decided to post select videos when I encounter very useful ones. Beyond Transitions is a promising new website, set up by dedicated triathletes in Malaysia. It is certainly worthy of our visit as it was created by a tribe with deep passion and recognition for triathlons. Thanks to triathlon blogger, Kevin Siah of Perth for his timely notification. Cheers, mate!
I have been quite the sponge for sleep. Again this morning, I slept in and then set off for a 2-hour ride. It is important during tapering to keep the muscles alert and activated. Complete rest is not useful as it may lead to a loss of muscle tone. I hope that I am not suffering from chronic fatigue, as my muscles feel stronger and I feel fitter. Just awaiting my competitive vibrations to kick in. Not doing the regular mileage is annoyingly frustrating – that is the way of tapering: doing less is more.

It rained out about 90 minutes into my ride. Braving the drizzle, I planned to do a short swim if the rain let up upon my arrival. It was not to be, and I gave my bike a hose-down (what an irony). I then had a chat with our area maintenance supervisor – a polite young Bangladeshi, Osman who has served us loyally for a few years – about the potential conflict in our serene neighbourhood. Like tensed competitors at a triathlon who invade our rack-space, so were my neighbours. It may be a small matter to some however left to escalate conflicts can lead to unpleasant behaviors. Not a good example to children modeling after parents and adults.

Desmond, Lap Huan and a few others will be attempting their first 100K overnight marathon, next month, and have invited me to join them for a run this evening. I am tempted. I will consider… 
Tomorrow morning will be my race clinic. Rain or shine, I will be available to share my knowledge and stories. Most participants will be running the evening 10K or 21K race. It should be a great Sunday!

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Kevin Siah said...

No worries, Enrico. Just helping my friends to spread the word.

All the best for your big race this weekend! Enjoy it and tear up the hills of Canary Island!