Thursday, August 20, 2009

Modeling From the Best

This is a summary of the presentation I gave to staff of Singapore General Hospital this afternoon. In effect, what I proposed was a model for how we map the world. Because of our unique, personal ‘map of the world’ we tend to interpret subjective experiences and describe it differently from another. The relevance of modeling effective people is to learn how they ‘do things differently’. So, what can you do?

1) Model the effective behaviors

2) Find out what works, and learn how to do it

3) If it has been done before, we can probably do it, too

4) The eidectic (eye) movement is a model for how we may organize our time, space, memories and imagination. [Recall a time in school where your teacher asked you if you were looking for answers on the ceiling, or on the floor? It occurred inside our heads.]

5) Rapport is the essence of all human interactions [same, same]

6) Mirror, match, pace and lead the person’s behaviors

7) We have all the resources inside us to learn, develop and grow our potential

8) Read biographies as they give us a model on how the celebrity thinks, feels and responds to the world

9) Use language that makes sense [sensory]: either it is common sense or nonsense

10) Be aware of your behaviors and observe others doing their best

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