Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Training Tour Has Begun!

I have exactly five months and 11 days to the Big Dance in Kona, Hawaii. After three days of rest, due to a mild sore throat, I resumed easy riding and running. A cough has followed through and I am monitoring it. Upper-respiratory tract infections are common with endurance athletes, who test their cardiovascular system regularly.

This morning, I rode about 45km, with 30km on threshold mode (about 34kph) with the Brat Pack comprising the new Eastern Night Riders (ENR). In the past, ENR rides were on Tuesday evenings from 8-9.30pm. In recent years, it has been disbanded since the founding-members quit long-distance triathlons to focus on off-road, ultra-marathons - a natural transition from Ironman-triathlons. This morning's pack included Matthew, Sin Guan, Hui Koon and Chris (Smith, who I raced with in the Ironman Zurich 2012). This fitter and younger pack rode hard and fast, and dropped me like a hot potato this morning. At least, I know where I stand (ride) and will focus on aspects on my rides that will help me go faster at the Cebu Ironman 70.3, and at the Ironman World Championships on 12 October.

I followed my short ride with a 10km run (at 5:15 min/km pace), and my legs felt the brunt of the ride-run brick, by threatening to cramp up (due to the heat). Fortunately, these eased up and I recovered adequately. More such sessions will be integrated in my overall plan, as I enlarge my workout sessions and extend my training hours. Consistency will be key, as would be a focused discipline on training specificity, sleep, and proper nutrition. I have included specific foods like coconut oil, fish oil, antioxidant-laden foods, water, and less processed food (and refined sugar). I am seeking the counsel and expertise of past-finishers of Kona, and these perspectives are serving to be useful and clarifying in my preparation.

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