Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Second Group Ride

My return to group rides began on 1 May, and continued this morning. 

I have been riding, frequently, indoors on my trainer for many months. I was dong my rehabilitation in August-October with it. Plus, riding outside was, indeed, more risky and dangerous as there was a spate of road accidents involving cyclists; some were fatalities. I was also developing my aerobic system, as prescribed by Dr Phil Maffetone in his book 'The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing'. It was low heart-rate training on 60-180-minute sessions.

Swimmers disguised as riders (photo-credit: Desmond Chow).
This morning's ride followed up on yesterday's swim and run at the Tanjung Beach Lagoon. This group of about a dozen avid riders, was out-chicked by Ironman-incumbent, Jessica who led portions of our 4-hour ride from the eastern part of Singapore, to the west, and back. I enjoyed my ride as I met old friends, recent Ironman finishers, and new friend Kent Wong (from Hong Kong); the latter completed Kona in 2010, and he shared his notes with me. We took on a hill at the Bird Park, and a break at Tuas West (and breakfast for some). Otherwise, we enjoyed several moments of speedier sections, where the delivery-trucks and lorries were not a major threat to us. It was, unusually, busy on the roads for a Sunday. I am pleased for this joyful ride, and I have a good assessment of my current ride fitness before The Big Dance. Just need to activate some latent Fast-Twitch (FT) fibres.
Yesterday's swimmers. (photo-credit: Le Giang)

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