Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Put A Smile On

This afternoon, I had lunch with deca-Ironman triathlon finisher, Kua Harn Wei at the NUS Business School. My order of a coffee-mocha came with a smile. The coffee barista put effort and excellence into his work. I did not expect the smile from service staff to be expressed in two ways. The foam on my coffee had a splendid work of art, a design that left a great taste in my mouth before I tasted it. Foam formulated as art - what a clever idea!
Smile - it is a beautiful facial expression. A smile is one of the most beautiful curves on a person's body. A smile can disarm most tensions. It is attractive. It attracts attention. It can soften the hardest of emotions and characters.

Smiling during a physical activity can reduce our perception of the severity of our effort and discomfort. It does not look silly or absurd. The most memorable  and lovable of Ironman triathletes include Chrissy Wellington and Natasha Badmann. They smile when they are hurting, and when they are doing their best. Smile on!

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