Saturday, May 18, 2013

Consistency Breeds Results

This morning, I did a 4-lap short swim at the lagoon with the Tanjong Beach Swim group. As the tide was receding (like Nicholas Cage's hairline), I hit sand at certain points of the swim. With three swim sessions a week, I am more controlled in the water. Every Monday, at Coach Wilson Ang's swim session, I receive stroke corrections as well as specific drills to enhance my swim efficiency. These sessions are tough, as I tend to dip into the anaerobic zone due to my wasted efforts of inefficient strokes.
Sculling after my sets with Robert Chan (photo-credit: Le Giang).
The 5km run that followed was interesting as I did a similar trial about three weeks ago. Then, I was holding 4:10min/km on my last 2.4km; today, I went 3:56min/km with an average pace of 4:10min/km. My strides are slightly longer, with more core activation and a more assured gait. My run sessions have been reduced in overall mileage, and limited to three sessions per week. My focus has been on swimming and riding to boost my running fitness - the cross-over/cross-training effect. I will be increasing my mileage over the next seven weeks before the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (first weekend of July).
Visualising my finish on Ali'i Drive (photo-credit: Le Giang)
My workouts are orientated to strength and speed; with twice-daily sessions on selected days. Kona is five months away, however I will need to develop my weaker areas - mainly ride and swim - and ensure illness-free and injury-free bodily conditions. Two major races (Sundown 21km and Mount Faber 10km runs) await me as specific evaluations of my fitness.
Surrounded by a coterie of inspiring Ironman and endurance athletes. (photo-credit: Le Giang)
Meanwhile, my body-fat is lower as is my bodyweight. I aim to muscle up and gain more muscular weight, so as to improve my riding proficiency and confidence. 

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