Thursday, September 11, 2014

The 5-Minute Challenge or the 30-Day Challenge

When was the last time you challenged yourself? It does not matter if it was big or small, gargantuan or miniscule.

I read with great delight, 30-day challenges for physical fitness. For instance, doing one push-up on Day 1, and adding one more for subsequent days. By Day 30, you would be doing 30 pushups; cumulatively, that is a great number of pushups altogether. You can substitute the exercise for another of choice or circumstance.

Or, you give yourself five (5) minutes, and challenge yourself to write as much as you (as I am doing now). You tease your brain to make mental connections, will your fingers to type as rapidly as your thoughts form, and edit at the same time. It is a good exercise that can urge you out of your 'box', whatever your 'box' is. It compels you to do something different; or at the least, something. Procrastination can be the thief of your time. Better to do something (even annoying or unattractive) than not to. 

Once, I wrote one blog a day for three continuous years. Thanks to marketing guru (of 'Purple Cows' and 'Tribes' fame) SETH GODIN, I am still on this blog. Many good and great things have emerge from this personal challenge and indirect challenge, and I intend to keep at it for as long as I am ready, able and willing.

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