Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make New Excuses

It has been weeks since I posted on this platform*. I regret my tardiness and procrastination. No excuse on my part, however I felt I did not have much to share by way of usefulness. However, some thoughts crossed my mind. These are:

1) If you have to make excuses, make them count. Use them, and commit to them.
2) If you want to make excuses, make new ones. Make up new excuses nobody has thought of before. Be bold, be brave, be unique and conjure new excuses that astound others into a state of awestruck. [I learnt this from a quotation by author Neil Gaman.]
3) If you have no excuses, then stand up, take a walk, and do something useful.

If you are an overweight motivational speaker, you may want to consider point 3). As my close friend remarked: 'Walk the talk. Lead by example.' I am reminded by it, and I am motivated to do so. I am going for a walk now...

Movement is life. Live. Move. Move on...

*I have been overwhelmed by Internet marketers who have attempted to hijack various threads. I take that as a compliment. It is alright to ask me. Cheers.

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