Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Iron-Horsing In The New Year

Happy New Year!

This is my first post of the year. Already this morning, I rode my 60km to usher in the spirit of the new year. After a heavy season of preparing for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, I took a casual approach to my last marathon of the year. It was at the Singapore Marathon where I sustained a hip injury, which is on the mend.

I have integrated at least three outdoor sessions with buddies, Kenneth and Paul. We ride on Sundays, and this morning we chose to ride on the coat-tail of the new year. We joked yesterday that 'We will see each other next year!' and it meant 'tomorrow'. 31 December is the only day in the year that is separated by a year and a day. Likewise, each last day of the month presupposes the next month.

First time wearing this jersey I bought two months ago.
Anyway, it felt good to ride with strong riders. I have to regain my cycling speed (on Taupo's rolling course), although I still own a fairly strong aerobic base. All three rides for me were made thriving only on 'aqua', purely on water and working within my aerobic zone. Training on an empty stomach (well, I have black coffee and coconut oil for breakfast) triggers off the utilisation of fatty acids (and triglycerides). I have also begun working hard on my core strength, and muscle mass. Much of the aerobic training has led to a cannibalisation of muscle mass, which translates to loss of strength and power. Being too 'skinny' is not useful. Instead, a higher body density is. Thus, I aim to build more lean tissue weight and a higher body-fat count. The water is Lake Taupo is cold, and the windy conditions can lead to excessive loss of body heat and enhanced caloric expenditure.
Eights weeks to my 17th Ironman in Lake Taupo. Then, IM Melbourne, and then Boston Marathon. Recovery and recuperation will be key to my athletic performance, and possible PB timings. There will be 10 special slots for Kona up for grabs in a special, 30th anniversary lottery. It being my fifth assault on this course, I will earn five tickets for the draw. Will lightning strike twice on the same place?

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