Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hits & Misses For 2013

I trust that you had a joyous, past few days, celebrating the festivities of the year. Having reviewed my sporting goals, I have done a simple SWOT Analysis that included 'hits' and 'misses', and then translating these into Opportunities and Threats.

My misses for the year included: Sprained hip before and during the Singapore Marathon (December); missing a sub-6 hour at Kona; missed a sub-4 hour marathon in Kona; 

My hits for the year were: Completing the Ironman World Championships in Kona; earning a second Boston Qualifying (BQ) time; earned a new PB (3:16) and second BQ at Gold Coast Airport Marathon (July); qualifying for Boston Marathon 2014 (April); improved the marathon course in Singapore by one minute (over-2012)/missed my PB by one minute;

My goals for next year in triathlons and endurance sports will be: Earn a sub-4 hour marathon in an Ironman; hit sub-5:45 in my Ironman rides; met a sub-1:20 PB in my open-water 2.4-mile swim; complete with PB in Ironman New Zealand (March); complete Ironman Melbourne (March); complete Boston Marathon (April); PB in Ironman 70.23 Cebu; managing and leading as a committee member in Triathlon Family Singapore; earn another lottery slot for Kona.

May you have an eventful 2014, filled with new achievements and accomplishments. Continue to tick off your Bucket List and Big hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG).

Leadership Lessons: Towards your goals - view, re-view, over-view, and pre-view them. Give them new perspectives. Set goals, make them 3-D (dimensional), strategise for them, and work towards them, and keep measuring for progress.

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