Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alphabetical Fitness (Endurance Sports)

This is an alphabetical summary of essential factors in performing, successfully, at endurance, multi-sports including triathlons and marathons. This list is evolving, subject to my current state of awareness, wisdom and relevance. I suggest doing up your own list as your progress and grow in your sport.

A = Antioxidants are necessary to reduce premature aging
B = Breathe deeply, regularly, and naturally (mouth or nose)
C = Core strength is key to proper exercise posture/gait
D = Discipline is a useful value to develop
E = Endurance is built through time and consistency
F = Fresh and raw food are consumed everyday
G = Set clear Goals and commit
H = High-Intensity exercise, but short duration
I = Involve your family in your achievements and adventures
J = Join training groups to improve on your abilities
K = Kill negative thoughts, doubts and fears
L = Learn constantly from your personal experience and from others
M = Make every session count, however short
N = No one way is the only right way
O = Oxygenate your body with aerobic activity
P = Pacing is key to completing and Personal Bests (PBs).
Q = Quitting should be postponed unless you are injured
R = Race regularly and learn to apply tactics
S = Sleep adequately and more, as it is anabolic
T = Take your time to build your fitness
U = Utilise the assistance of coaches and experts
V = Vanity makes you look good
W = Wait your turn, no need to draft or cheat
X = X marks things on your Bucket List achieved
Y = Yesterday was an easy day
Z = Zero-carbs is not necessary and not smart

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