Thursday, December 12, 2013

Congratulations, Ironman Finishers!

Congratulations to all finishers of Ironman Western Australia 2013!

You have braved the challenged, braced the unknown, and embraced the day to discover yourself. You have faced your fears, anxieties and physical discomforts to take on an, arguably, tough race. Little is glamorous when your sporting attire is drenched in blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily secretions. You already paid the price many times over in training.

Whether you completed the race or not, top marks for signing up, training hard, and showing up at the start-line. Whatever your reasons for stopping, I trust that you are better now, and healing up. Review your results, appreciate the feedback, and plan a better race. There are few failures, mostly outcomes and results.

There is little doubt that it is a hard race. If it was so easy, many would be doing it. The Ironman triathlon is a rigorous examination of Self, with three disciplines to test you over the 226km of terrain. Like all tests, it tests our mettle and mindset to complete a task, and a colossal task at that. It engages our beliefs, values, fibre, perceptions, instincts, pre-judgements, and behaviors - much goes on in our body and mind.

Some have achieved much more, with parallel accomplishments like fund-raising, balancing recreation with vocation, and spreading good messages. The race is poised on a purpose larger than us. To race with a purpose, whatever it is, gives us focus and a sense of importance and direction.

It is not a race to the end, but rather, a race o the next milestone. May you return stronger should you wish to reply to unfinished business. Many a time, the next attempt is much sweeter in its ending.

Good luck in your next foray into the endurance challenge. Congratulations for a very hard hit out there! You are an Ironman!

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