Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Off To Dream Bigger On The Big Island

I am almost done with my packing; a fortnight of travel including race and vacation.
After almost nine years of endurance sports, I am headed to the Big Island to race and complete the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kailua-Kona.

It has been a great year, winning two important slots: one for Kona, and one for Boston Marathon. I rarely win the lottery, but the Legacy Lottery is a special one, having had to complete 15 Ironman-distance races to earn it (15 April). I earned a Boston slot on my second BQ timing in July.

Kona has been a dream born of watching 'ABC Wide World of Sports'. The touching images of the finishers in the dark of night, were my seed of influences. I was initiated into triathlons by my business associate and coach, Craig Holland (from Newcastle, Sydney). He went to Kona in 2005, and encouraged me to hold the dream. Years later, here I am. The Triathlon Family of Singapore also sustained my roles as athlete and volunteer, passing it forward to a new era of entrants. On the egging of Singapore's first Legacy Lottery winner, Clifford Lee I earned my slot for this year. It feels great to win something as prestigious and amazing as a Kona entry.
My Boston Dream came later, influenced by the expanding running community. It took me the last two years to seriously engage it. A first BQ in the Hong Kong Marathon 2011, saw me miss it out by two minutes. This year, I sliced that by 13 minutes to ensure an 8-minute lead over my 3:24:59 cutoff entry.
Five more days to my Kona Race, and I am excited and apprehensive about doing it. I will play a conservative start, and end it fiercely (as I can). Seven hours before I begin my journey...I look forward to holding my country's flag in the Parade of The Nations on Tuesday.

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