Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ironman World Championships 2013: Kona

I am pointing to my name. All qualifying athletes are listed here.
My Kona experience has come and gone, yet the memories linger on. The full weight of realising my Kona dream has not fully sunk in yet, however I am certain that parts of it will reveal themselves as part of my personal learning journey. If the journey is as important as the destination, then completing the Ironman triathlon in Kona has been that analogy for me.
My practice for my Welchie Finish Pose.
What goes around comes around! In Kona, that is so true. The locals have a term for it: kupau. It has taken me eight years of Ironman racing to arrive here, to race with over-2,000 other capable and enabled athletes, to cross the finishing-line. We raced alongside professional triathletes, world-champions, elite age-groupers, Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), Kona-Inspired athletes, and Legacy Lottery and General Lottery winners.
Loads of tempting gear at the Merchandise Tent.
The precious silver-foil sticker: Mark of entry. Not going to sell my Elite Razor bike.
Here is a photo-log of some of the many Kodak moments I lived through. A full report follows, shortly.
The ENVE Team spotted my classic EDGE wheels, and awarded me a special-edition t-shirt and socks. Thanks, ENVE!
A large coterie of spotters auditing each bike that enters T1. Mine was the only Elite bike registered.
On the way out...
On the way in...
One of the toughest marathons I have done: My 21km splits were vastly different.
Checked out my bike, and awaiting a good long shower and snooze. Exams over!
The money shot!
Photo-credits and video-credits: Mel C.

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