Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Preparation For Kona 2013

Bedecked in my new Jabra-sponsored LG bike-bib/top (Shades: Ryders).
It is about six weeks out to Kona. With two key races within a fortnight, I am primed for completing my 16th Ironman through the holy grail of long-distance triathlons. This weekend, I will race in the 21km race of the Singapore Bay Run. Two weeks later, I will race in a 10km race - The Yellow Ribbon Run - my third in four years. These two races will act as assessment tests of my fitness for Kona, at least in my lead-up to a sub-4 hour, marathon within the 226km triathlon. My best, marathon-within-an-Ironman was 4:27, set in Lake Taupo in March 2013. With a BQ earned at Gold Coast Marathon, I aim to nab this elusive, personal best (PB) timing, hopefully, on A'lii Drive in Kailua-Kona on 12 October.
A large block of high-volume training...awaits me. Beginning tomorrow, I will complete a 6-hour indoor-ride. It has always been my goal to do a six-hour block on the turbo-trainer. Friends have remarked that it would be 'mental' and 'an act of discipline'. It would, probably, be however I intend to work out my nutritional needs for six hours of continuous cycling, as well as physiological responses during this period. I will set up all my bottles of Hammer Nutrition 'Perpeteum' and water. My MacBook, enjoined by my new Jabra 'Solemate' will amplify my favourite Kona Ironman races found on YouTube. I will enjoy the inspirational stories of cancer-recovered competitors, The Hoyts, Blazeman (The Poet Warrior), Sister Madonna Budder, Scott Molina, etc.

A snapshot of my training block a week ago, looks something like this:
After a 50-minute run (and coffee) with friend Soonchul, who rode 190km the previous day to meet me in Seoul. Saturday: Biathlon Sprint (800m swim/6km run) - top-30%
Sunday: Departed for Seoul, Korea (rode 90 minutes indoors)
Monday: Swam 2km
Tuesday: AM, 50-minute run (with Soonchul, outdoors/Han River); PM, 90-minute ride
Wednesday: Swam 2km
Thursday: 60-minute indoor ride + 7km @ 4:45min/km pace brick session
Friday: 90-min indoor ride/deep-tissue massage (easy day)
Saturday: 2.5 hour outdoor road ride
Sunday: 3-hour long run (with bridges, trail, and road)
Monday: Swam 2.5km (1km warm-up/1.5 pool-buoy front crawl sets)
Tuesday (today): 10km @ 4:48 min/km tempo pace
Wednesday: 6-hour indoor ride (completed - 28 August)**
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 10km run (to be completed)
Saturday: Open-water swim/Road-ride
Sunday: 21Km race (attempting a PB)

That's pretty much my training block for the last 11 days. Races constitute anaerobic or speed sessions, limited to two a week. Aerobic training is still core, with pockets of speed intervals integrated into the sessions. My intake of calories has increased, so I don't look as skinny as I did two months ago. My bodyfat is just as low, although my intake of essential fats has risen, with fats coming from coconut oil, olive oil, and some butter. I have consumed my carbohydrates mainly through fruit, vegetables, rice and wheat wraps (I am not allergic to gluten). My protein intake has been kept high due to a need for recovery from heavy workouts. I take a day off every 5-6 days, and I give myself a treat for meals. I follow the Paleo Diet approach of 80:20. Allow foods you enjoy (refined foods) up to 20 percent of your total nutrition. Life should be dictated by your choices and decisions. If it is not fun, why do it?

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