Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Toys, New Em-Ploys

It has been a busy week, although I reduced my Ironman-training hours. I decided to recover from my mild shoulder injury - probably, bursitis or tendinitis of my left should-joint - incurred from Ironman 70.3 Philippines, Cebu two weekends ago. I had to, intentionally, reduce my training mileage and frequency due to this annoyingly painful situation. My condition has improved after Monday evening's light swim. I look forward to a quick recovery and resuming my long-distance swims, and Monday's Master Swim Class.
I have a duathlon sprint on Saturday at the Tanjung Beach, Sentosa Island. The swim is a to-fro one-lap swim of 800m (high-tide) followed by a 5km run. Considering my lack of ruthlessness in the water, I would have to 'sprint' my way to credible finish. It will be an 'anaerobic' training day, so I will suck it in and plow my way 'tactically' through.
Today, I received my SOLEMATE from Jabra, as well as my cycling attire. Already, after posting initial photographs of this training kit, a few of my friends expressed their interest in purchasing this model. I am pleased to be wearing what 3-time Ironman World Champion, Craig 'Crowie' Alexander is wearing.
I appreciate my sponsors for placing their faith in my abilities for my Big Dance in Kona-Hawaii on 12 October. I believe we will mutually benefit from our collaboration. Earning product and race sponsors, orientates my focus into another level of commitment and relevance. I take pride in representing my supporters.

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