Saturday, March 30, 2013

Preparation for the 2XU Compression 21K Run 2013

My race-kit for my first 21K race this year.
Tomorrow, at 5.30am, I will be flagged off with thousands of other runners in a half-marathon.  This will be my first race since Ironman New Zealand 2013, held on 2 March.

I will treat this half-marathon as an assessment of my post-226K triathlon fitness. I have about 100 days before the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2013. This will be my second attempt on this marathon course. In 2011, I missed my Boston Qualifying (BQ) narrowly by about two minutes. I came in at 3:32, after bout of cold cramps on the last six kilometres. This time, I hope to systematically and specifically train come in at under-3:25:00. My target time will be 3:15. 

I will be calibrating my fitness with tomorrow's race and adjust my training. With the Cebu Ironman 70.3 in early-August approaching, my training will be dual-pronged with the marathon as my priority. A 1:45 finish will be acceptable, and a sub-1:40 will be a good sign of my residual fitness after 4-5 months of aerobic-centred training (133-138bpm threshold). My strategy is to go easy at about 5 minutes per kilometre for the first 10km, and sub-5 minutes for the remaining 11km. I will check my average heart-rate, and establish a comfortable threshold. It should be interesting physical/mental strength evaluation and anaerobic test, since I resumed training a week after my 15th Ironman. Let us seen what happens...Happy Easter, all!

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