Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Day At The Race: 2XU Compression Run 2013

Photo-credit: Runevent Shots
It was a good performance for my half-marathon early on this Easter Sunday morning. Despite minimal sleep, I managed to score a good evaluation for the 21km race on a fairly, flat course (save for a few mild bridges). As I arrived later than I should, I did not get a decent position in the start-pen. Instead, I had to dodge insanely heavy human traffic to secure space and a faster pace. The medal was nice, with the image of runner. Only 21km finishers received a finisher t-shirt. We had a banana, Pocari Isotonic drink and our medal as we moved into our respective channels at the end-point.
My months of base, aerobic threshold training allowed me to hold my anaerobic heart-rate (Zone 3-4). I succeeded in going under 1:45 for my run. I did not feel winded, just a bit fatigued at my pace of 4:35-4:55 minutes/km; I consumed only one packet of energy gel (Hammer Nutrition). I need to bring it down to an average of 4:40 minutes/km to do well in Gold Coast. More speed and strength work will be included in my preparation for next year's Boston Marathon attempt. I am looking forward to my test in July.
Overall, it was a well-run race with reliable pacers and enthusiastic young volunteers. The route was scenic and covered key landmarks of Singapore including the bay. The reunion with friends at the finishing-area was priceless, with a free flow alcohol-free beer (the same brand served at the Berlin Marathon). I capped the morning with photographs, and breakfast with buddies (Charles, Shireena and Kok Mun). The next 100 days preparing for Gold Coast Airport Marathon will be interesting, with a few short race tossed into my training mix.
My unofficial timing was 1:41:24. I am pleased with it, since it was four weeks after Ironman NZ. Any time under 1:45:00 was a good sign.
 Photo-credit: Charles Teng
Ironman buddies. (Photo-credit: Yellowfish, David Lim)
 The course was relatively flat, so it was tempting to go for a fast time.
Three Men & Their Beers. Photo-credit: Charles Teng
Preliminary Results: Digital Resolutions
Photo-credit: Runevent Shots

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