Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ironman New Zealand 2013 Race Report (Part 3)

Day 3, Thursday
Tapering workout: I did a 30-minute run before dinner, just to activate my legs. I did a few wind sprints and run up gentle slopes as part of my session.
Carbo-Party at theSports Centre: Same kind of carbohydrate-laden foods (high and low glycemic index). I was kind of disappointed I could not eat the fresh meat that New Zealand is known for.
Welcome: By Maori Cultural Group (song, dance, and hakka – cheer) and ‘Voice of Ironman’ Mike Riley. This was followed by the race-briefing by the Race Directors and Officials (various).
Swim: One loop (3.8km)
Ride: 2 loops (90km each)
Run: 3 loops (14km each)

Day 4, Friday: Check-in of bike and Transition-Bags 1 and 2.
In the early morning, John and I did a short swim in Lake Taupo (at the swim start area); he went into the cold lake sans wetsuit (and with swimming trunks). We then adjourned to breakfast of coffee and simple carbohydrates. Then, it was back home for to do my final bag check.
I decided to check in my bike around 1.30pm. There was no bike or helmet inspection, unlike other races. You had to be self-sufficient, ensuring that your bike is serviced beforehand, and you assembled the bike properly. It was a straightforward affair, with my labeled bike being photographed for security reason. 
Then, after racking my bike I walked around to orientate myself about my surrounding. I walked from the Swim Exit point, then mapped my way mentally to my bike-rack.
I then traced my way from my bike to the Bike Out/Exit. I also checked where the Run Exit was, after I dropped my two race-bags (T1 & T2) to the officials. 
I also collected two disposable bags (marked with my race number) as potential ‘Special Needs’ bags. I also attended the tail-end of Coach Jon Ackland’s lecture on pre-race preparations. I attend Coach Ackland’s session in 2006, bought his lecture CD and book; I found his material to be sensible and relevant. He said: ‘Swim is the warm-up. Ride is the warm-up. What you are preparing for is the marathon!’
We met up with John for a coffee before we departed. The rest of the evening was spent, with one afternoon nap, a final check of items to bring (race nutrition, gas cylinders, gas-applicator, goggles, timing-chip, swim-cap, wetsuit, body lubricant), and turning in at 9pm. 

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