Saturday, November 17, 2012


11) Cut down the amount of starches/simple carbohydrates consumed (rice, bread, cakes, fruit, soft-drinks, candy). Carbohydrate reduction leads to the greatest loss of weight loss in a short duration. However, zero carbohydrates to adverse effects (cranky, irritability, mood swings and fatigue). You MUST have some carbohydrates in your meals.
12) If you must run a lot, still do some cross-training. Vary the distance of each session. Long, slow, distance (LSD) is useful however don't make too easy. Neither should you pant. Panting is non-aerobic or anaerobic, and it means working at 80-90 percent of your maximum heart rate. You may want to stay out of this zone, unless you are building fitness for speed/racing.

Losing up to 1-2kg per week is possible. 1 kg/week is more rational and realistic. Reducing foods with hidden sugar is a major factor to rapid weight loss, HOWEVER it may lead to a REBOUND EFFECT if you aim for zero carbohydrates. Instead, reduce your intake of overall calories, since most calories come from carbohydrates. My friend lost 16kg in a few months through carbohydrate-reduction, however gained some back since his body craved it and caved into its old patterns of eating. You need some carbohydrate to be able do your endurance training.
Run at slower speeds (jogging) to teach your body to burn fat efficiently. Speed burns more sugar. You will get back the speed eventually. Run at conversational pace - that's the guide. Panting means too hard and burning sugar.

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