Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cutting A New Look (Pre-SCSM 2012)

Thanks to Run Society for capturing my sprint towards the end-point at this morning's Salomon X-Trail Run. Eustaquio Santimano brought this picture to my attention.

Photo-credit: Run Society
You can see that I am leaner now, thus my heart-rate strap/monitor began slipping downwards in my last three kilometres. My last three weeks saw my personal run mileage hit in excess of 60K per week. In fact, I ran three 21K easy runs last week. This week, I ran 2X10K tempo runs, one 21K easy run, one deep sports-massage, another 21K (yesterday) and the 10K trail race this morning. My overall fitness is improving, and there are no distinct injuries of discomfort. What has improved, up to this tapering week, are an sturdy gait, lower footfall, and a heightened ability to tap on my aerobic system (working at not more than Zone 3). My long runs are done at 145-150bpm. I wanted to enhance my ability to metabolise my fat-burning system, so a disciplined approach to not exceeding my intended heart-rate, was in order.

One more week to go before the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I hope to do near 3:30, and a decision will be  made at the 21K mark to determine if I will go for broke. I am hopeful and optimistic. I will have Melvin How as my pacer until such time he feels, intuitively and tactically, to gun his BQ timing. I have two attempts for a BQ: in Singapore next weekend, or at the Gold Coast Marathon in July.


K3vski said...

Looking like a lean mean running machine, Enrico! All the best for Std Chartered Marathon this weekend!

Enrico Varella said...

Thank you, Kevin! All the very best to you at IMWA! ay you attain a new PB.