Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Benefits of Training Solo (Part 1)

I have been training, predominantly, alone for the last two years. My race performance has been mixed, yet I have ticked off a few boxes on my Bucket List. Here are some salient advantages of training solo:

1) You respect other people's time, by not wasting their time waiting for you to arrive.
2) You save time, as you can start/stop at your own will and decision.
3) You enjoy greater flexibility of activities and duration.
4) You can integrate a workout at any time of your waking hours.
5) You decide on your routes, pathways and course of action.
6) You determine your own pace and speed.
7) You are not pressured or influenced by another person.
8) You will not be 'dropped' for your slowness.
9) You simulate race-day conditions, which is to race at a non-draft distance.
10) You can sleep in, if the weather is inclement and you need more rest.
Photo-credit: Paul

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