Sunday, July 13, 2014

A First Time For New Experiences

I tested my first aero-helmet this morning: the Rudy Project Wing 57, complete with snap-on visor. Perhaps, due to poor mounting on my part, my visor popped out halfway during my ride.

I have not used an aero-helmet as I never thought I was fast enough to use it. In recent weeks, while preparing for my A-races, I decided to use this 'advantage'. I felt that my head was tighter, warmer, and I could hear the wind whistling in my ear (against the head-winds). I am reminded of the cliche of 'There's a first time for everything'. I must admit that I perceived i had a raised self-esteem. This was evident by my enthusiasm to lead my small squad of riders, Kenneth and Paul on the flat sections and on the slopes.
After my short ride (about 45km comprising some sustained velocities), I did a 10km run. This was my second 'ride-run brick' in a week. Last Sunday, I ran until the 8km mark when I started to fade, and walked/jogged the remainder. Today, I completed the full 10km in about 48:50, which was a sub-4:55min/km pace. I was pleased with myself as it was a hot morning, and I managed to hold my tempo pace.

I look forward to the next few workouts before next Sunday's KM Duathlon, which comprises a format of 10km run-40km ride-10km run. My new helmet will accompany me on this race, as well as in the Ironman 70.3 Cebu.

Leadership Lessons: When was your last 'new experience'? How was that like for you? What did you enjoy about it?

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sixty-nine seconds said...

Hi there! I've only used my Wing 57 once but the shield popped off for me too. I can't seem to attach it very securely to feel confident it won't happen again. Have you had any more issues with that? Thanks!