Saturday, February 22, 2014

Six Days To the Dance (IMNZ 2014)

It is six days out to Ironman New Zealand, my first Ironman-distance triathlon for this year. My bike was just ridden, checked and packed into its hard-case. I have taken a conservative approach to this race, as I was occupied with a challenging but rewarding two months of work assignments. I weigh heavier now, with more upper-body strength, stronger core, and better rotation of my trunk. Hopefully, this will translate to a better 3.8km wetsuit-swim in the perennially cold Lake Taupo, and a stronger and improved two-loop ride. I have reduced my running mileage, focusing on speed and technique (mid-sole landing).

My second Ironman follows three weeks after, at the Asia-Pacific Championships in Melbourne. I will assess my fitness and recovery abilities between the two 226km, multi-sport, races. In effect, these will be Ironman races #17 and #18. My diet has been primed with more vegetable, fruit, good fats and antioxidants. I have expanded on more quality sleep and rest, too.

My first Boston Marathon (my second of the Big Six World Series) will be a moth after, in April, right after the Easter weekend. I look forward to Boston Strong, and a hopeful sub-4 hours finish. The weeks after Melbourne will be spend, exclusively, with running short sessions (10-15km) 4-5 days per week.  

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