Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meeting Up With Inspirational Friends

I met up with the Koeppens at the Changi International Airport, hours before their departure back home to Germany. My busy teaching schedule forbade me from meeting them earlier. I have kept in touch Grace and Hannes annually, and I have been inspired by their enduringly strong relationship and shared sense of athleticism.
Months before my personal assault on the Ironman World Championships in Kona last year, I spoke extensively to both of them, garnering useful pre-race and racing advice. Hannes Koeppen competed on the Big Island four times and was world champion twice in the wheelchair/PC category. With a PhD in biology, he now shares his knowledge of nutrition with physically-challenged (PC) athletes. With our brief time together on this trip, I regaled them with my amusing stories at my 15th Ironman finish. We had a most enjoyable time.
Here is a photograph with my regular swim buddies (on Saturdays) - from the Tanjung Beach Swim. Davy Koh went to Kona in the early-1990's. We shared a swim and run 'brick' last week.
I am blessed with friends like them.

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