Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Powered by Jabra: Sports Wireless+

The Jabra Sports Wireless+ is a new-generation model of head-sets designed for active people. This new edition of the Sports series has a built-in receiver for radio. The ear-piece fits comfortably around your ears, as the cochlea-design sits snuggly even when you run. You have up to seven styles of ear-gels to fit into your ears. I took my review set for several runs and walks, and found that the radio works best when there are few high-rise buildings surrounding me. It can sound static when the volume is low, and when obstruction like trees, fences and buildings are in the vicinity; otherwise, it works well alongside a mobile-device (such as notebook, or smartphone). 
The trademarked Jabra Bluetooth function works well with any Bluetooth-enabled device - a significant feature of Jabra's products. I watched videos online as well as downloaded films, and they sounded good including an amplification and clarity of sound, and prominent bass. Each function is pressure-responsive (just tap on the buttons), from increasing/decreasing volume, to changing FM radio stations. When you press the easy-to-locate touch-button mildly longer, you change radio-stations (without the need for a mobile device). Certainly, if you want to listen to pre-recorded tunes, you may do so when you carry your smart-phone or mobile device with you on your arm-band or waist-pouch.
Charging is fast, and you can do so through your notebook. An attractive female voice reminds you of the battery levels and 'Power On' or "Power Off'. Built to military standards, it took the rain, sun, shock, and sweaty conditions well during my 10km and 21km off-road runs. Talk-time is four hours, and you can take calls or mute them.

My only mild complaint: For first-time users to the sports music device, you have to watch the review videos on Jabra's website to discover how to charge the Jabra Sports Wireless+. This is because you have to peel the cover for well-concealed slot which is located on the right arm of the ear-piece. 

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