Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can Lightning Strike Twice?

Clearly, it did for me. Whether it is a divine stroke of luck, destiny, karma or pure chance and coincidence - I was conferred twice the honour of winning another lottery. I, finally, earned my Boston Marathon ticket after my second Boston Qualifier (BQ) time in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon on 7 July. This time, my margin of about eight minutes gave me enough leeway for a shot at the holy grail of marathons (and the oldest modern-day marathon in the world).
It is about two-and-half weeks out to my fulfilling my Kona dream. I am, currently, down with a mild sore throat. It was probably an accumulation of bugs from the past month, when a heavy teaching schedule exposed me to students who were unwell. I reckon, better sick now, than on race-day or before. I rather lose some fitness and be healthy, than be fit then sick (to race). The assessments (races) over the last four months have been consistently positive, and assures me I am getting fitter. I am confident to complete the race and do my best (meaning: I will dig deeper than I ever did).

This came in last Monday, after registering for it three days before.
My race-plan is going well, safe for a final bike-service, and awaiting my race attire from my sponsor. I am fortunate to have sponsorships from four partners, ranging from products to coaching services to race fees. I am fortunate to earn this distinction, especially for a Masters-class amateur athlete.

The special pre-race function I have been waiting for.
I will make a few key decisions this week, as race-week will be chock-ful of events and activities. Being conservative, and taking a conservative approach to the Ironman triathlon I intend to race my race, and keep it for my marathon PB. I am realistic about my goals, and my main goal is to complete strong, safe and enjoy the event. I intend to complete what I started. No excuses, no sabotaging thoughts, and no-nonsense. 

The pain is temporary, but the memories will be endless.

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