Sunday, April 21, 2013

Orientation and Induction

New staff will, usually, undergo a period of orientation and induction. Orientation is about knowing one's way around the working facilities. Induction is about imbibing the company's culture, its business, vision, mission and core values.

Since I received great news about my lucky Legacy Lottery slot at the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona (on 12 October), I have re-orientated and induced myself to a new sense of purpose and intention. Essentially, I have to review my training and preparation for three A-races: 21km (PB attempt), Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2013, and the Philippines Ironman 70.3 (in Cebu). To do well in all, and culminate in a best performance in Kona, I will have to evaluate my results closely, and reapply my efforts to each subsequent race carefully and clearly.

I have begun studying DVDs and maps of the race course and conditions in Kona. I am interviewing finishers (Davy Koh, Clifford Lee, Tomoya Tsurata, Tobias Frenz) of the race, gleaning from them their tacit experience and tacit wisdom of having raced on the Big Island. For instance, Clifford Lee (whom we interviewed in February 2013) described extensively to me his preparation and racing experience. Being the 13th Singaporean to complete the Ironman world championships, he has the freshest recollections of his major triathlon achievement. I will be orientating myself to different riding routes (hilly, windy) as well as hotter conditions (midday rides and runs). The Big Island is merciless for surprising competitors with her harsh temperatures and vicious head-winds and side-winds.

I will have to induct myself to training early in the morning, as well as twice a day sessions. I have programmed to spend more time in the pool, as well as on the ride - these are my major areas of improvements. I have begun adding more anaerobic/speed sessions in my running, and it is translating into stronger pacing (like holding 4:10mins/km for 3km instead of 4:30min/km). The mindset for completing the oldest long-distance triathlon in the world is vastly different from other 226km tri-disciplinary events. My Iron-Crew and Iron-Mates have volunteered to train me hard, both physically and mentally. I have much learning to do, and become confident about. For instance, I have just acquired my first aero-helmet (Specialized TT2) and will expose myself to using it (likely in Cebu). High-cadence (100rpm) cycling patterns will be my target to achieve and maintain if I am to embrace and brace myself to the strong winds on the Queen K Highway. Actively training with stronger and faster athletes will also be in my menu, if I am to perform credibly and incredibly. 
Leadership Lessons: What have you re-orientated recently? What have you been induced into/to? How have you helped somebody immerse themselves into a process?

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Mark Duin said...

Glad to read your blog post, Enrico Varella. I guess it is very useful for people who need some motivation to do best in their lives. Seeing you in action people will also start taking their domain of work seriously.

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Mark Duin
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